It's the classic shoot'em up game. You get control of your spaceship and your goal is to survive as long as possible. As opponents have alien ships and meteors. Along the way, you earn gems and you recover health by collecting first-aid kit.

Game made in Godot Engine.

move: arrow left, arrow right, arrow down, arrow up
shooting: W

toggle full screen: F10
restart the game: R

return to the menu / exit from the game: ESC


  • logo on main screen
  • levelup system (single, double, triple lasers)
  • remove lasers collisions, now you cant destroy enemy lasers
  • remove unused menu buttons


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spacesmasher_v1.1.exe 23 MB
spacesmasher_v1.1 33 MB

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Nice game. However after I got to level 3 with the 3 shooting gun the game is too easy, if only the enemies would get faster and faster (also they could move side to side) or letting one alive of the screen lower your score (so you risk more catching them all). Also not fun of the w r keys used. Trying to give useful suggestions. Hey is any of the sprites aveliable for free? I am doing my own space themed shooter.

Hi, thanks for sugestions, currently i'am working on new version.

Assets are from

The HTML 5 version on the page gave me this issue: Exception thrown, see JavaScript console

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I'll check it, thanks! On what system / browser did you see error?

Firefox. Windows 10.

This looks nice! Hoping to see more.

I see you made it in Godot Engine, how did you get it to work embedded in What version did you use?

I've used version 2.1.3, packed exported game (export as HTML) as zip than uploaded on itch as html5 version.

pretty good! i like the art but i think the enemies are basic, only attack forward. less camera shake please, i got headace xD

Thx! New version is on the way, added lots of stuff. Shake will be an option :).